Corey Greenwood will be visiting the Tripp-Delmont School District on Monday, November 21.  

Below is a description of the Elementary and Secondary program that will take place at the speaking event.  


Introduction of Corey Greenwood Speaks

Elementary Program (Grades K-6)
ACTive KINDness Presentation--50 Min
(1:05 PM-1:50 PM)

This high-energy program designed for Elementary students is sure to create a positive culture that students feel safe and excited to learn in.

Every student is unique and has gifts and talents that are valuable. We will explore some of those and then students will be challenged and empowered to use what they have to help those around them.

To be the heroes in their classrooms, homes, friend groups, etc. - not the villains. Time will fly by as the audience will cheer, dance, laugh, learn, and grow together.

Secondary Program (Grades 7-12)
Your Story Matters--65 Min
(2:20 PM-3:25 PM)

Teens are struggling to find a sense of belonging. Now, more than ever, it is so vitally important to empower and encourage our youth to rise above their current circumstances.

Students will leave this assembly with a renewed self-image and the resilience to handle adversity and bullying. They will be empowered to take responsibility for the solution instead of focusing on the problem.

This program WILL create a more positive and caring culture.
Students will be empowered to:

- Find a mentor and engage in healthy conversations
- Ask for help and utilize the resources available to them
- Appreciate and respect the differences of those around them
- Focus on solutions instead of dwelling on problems
- Create a positive school culture that others want to be a part of
- Make healthy decisions

We hope to see you at the school on Monday, November 21 to hear Corey Greenwood's presentation..