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  • Hello everyone! Happy sunshine filled, still cold day!
    At our school board meeting on Monday, the school board finalized returning to a 5 day school week next year. While discussing this topic, the board discussed that when the decision was made to trial a 4-day week, they hoped for the potential outcomes of: 1)money savings, 2)attraction of new students, 3)attendance improvement, and 4)academic improvements. When analyzing the outcomes in each area, the data did not point to improvements based on the 4-day calendar. In light of this finding, the school board voted to return to a 5-day calendar starting next school year. They decided that since the set-out potential goals were not met, it was better to have more time for the students in their classes. The hope that we have is that with more time in class, our academic achievement improves by allowing the pace of instruction to slow, leaving students more time to master difficult topics. Also, given the success of students attending Tutor Day Mondays, we are looking at a calendar that would allow for a day of early release during each week. A 1 o'clock dismissal would allow for Tutor Day to still be an option, but put during the afternoon of a day already in class. This would allow students to get one-on-one tutoring without the necessity of an additional trip to school. The specific details are still being finalized and will be released as soon as they are concrete. Thank you!

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