Tripp-Delmont School District 33-5

Extra Yard For Teachers 2022
Award Recipient: Mark Gemar

Extra Yard for Teachers #ExtraYardGameBall

#GreatTeachersChangeLives #ThisIsHSFootball

The College Football Playoff Foundation is a non-profit organization serving as the community engagement arm of the College Football Playoff and works in partnership with institutions of higher education, sports organizations, corporations and nonprofits to support educators and improve U.S. student outcomes.

The purpose of the College Football Playoff Foundation lies in supporting PK-12 education across the country. The Foundation’s primary platform, Extra Yard for Teachers, is dedicated to elevating the teaching profession by inspiring and empowering teachers in four core areas: resources, recognition, professional development, recruitment and retention.

This year Tripp-Delmont School District 33-5 recognizes a teacher who has gone above and beyond during their time in the school district. The teacher is currently in their 22nd year of teaching in the Elementary. This teacher coaches football, boys basketball, and golf and has also coached varsity football. This teacher also drives bus for the district when needed and has helped paint the lines and numbers on this very field for many years.

Many know this teacher is a devoted Chicago Bears fan who loves football and Chicken Wings on Sunday!! You may also know him by his nickname Sparky, but many simply call him Coach.

This year’s Tripp-Delmont School District Extra Yard for Teachers recipient is:

Mr. Mark Gemar

Congratulations Coach and Thank You for all you do for the Tripp-Delmont School District!!

Mark Gemar received a game ball, a t-shirt that says “Great Teachers Change Lives” and a $25 gift card to Donors Choose.