The Tripp-Delmont School District launched a “Kindness Campaign” during the months of October and November. Students are rewarded with balloons when showing acts of kindness, in which they can hang up on the walls of the school. The elementary students have milestones such as 50 balloons, 100 balloons and so on, and they are rewarded each time they hit these milestones. The school principal, Mrs. Sarah Leibel, was interviewed about the kindness campaign and had these responses. She noticed that a lot of students were struggling with being kind to each other, themselves, and staff. The administration thought it would be a great idea to launch the kindness campaign. This campaign lasts from October 18th to November 23rd. Leibel felt that the students would be excited about the incentives for being kind and receiving a balloon that they could display for their peers to see. She has already noticed positive results such as staff and students focusing on positive things that they are doing. “Students are really excited to talk about the kind things they have seen and done”, Leibel states.

            Next year, the administration plans on thinking of ways for students to be more engaged in the campaign. Moving forward, each month the school will focus on a different topic to promote a positive school climate. Tripp-Delmont’s School Counselor Mr. Tanner Fischer says, fostering kindness and a friendly learning environment is extremely important for any school. If student’s can feel comfortable and accepted in their classes and with their peers and teachers, they can succeed in their academics and extracurriculars. The kindness campaign that we have kicked off here at Tripp-Delmont was aimed at doing exactly that. Catching kids being kind and offering an incentivized program for kindness is helping us to create a positive atmosphere for our entire Tripp-Delmont family.