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Senior Spotlight: Chance Ziegler

By: Kolson Verzani

            Chance Michael Ziegler is the son of Glenn and Tammy Ziegler. He was born on August 16, 2002. He is originally from Tripp, SD. While Chance was in high school, he was involved in four years of football, one year in track, and one year in golf. Chance plans on attending Lake Area Technical College, and is going to study AG production because he wants to farm as he gets older. The reason he decided to go to Lake Area Technical College is because it has the right program he likes and he likes how the campus is. His plans after he gets out of high school is to go to college and find a part time job somewhere. He sees himself in 10 years still living around Tripp, still farming but on his own land. He chose this career because he grew up on a farm and feels like he wants to do it for the rest of his life. He is looking forward to graduation because like he said, “it's going to be a fun day but a sad day.” The people that impacted his life was all his family members.

            Just like every senior, they have some things from high school that they will remember, like a favorite and funniest memory, a favorite teacher, or a favorite subject. Chance’s funniest memories were all the stories him and his friends told while they were in class. His favorite teacher was all of the ones he had in high school. Chance’s favorite memory was being able to help out Coreen because it got him out of class. Some classes also had some hard assignments. Chance’s hardest assignments were in math because it was harder to understand. One thing he did learn is, “To not waste your time and have fun.” His favorite hobbies are being outside, farming, hang out with friends, hunting, fishing, and shooting archery. His advice to all the underclassmen was this, “Don’t waste your time, it goes fast. Enjoy being in high school. Also don't waste time on your homework. Do it right away.”