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Senior Spotlight: Logan VanPelt

By: Megan Reiner 

            Logan Loy VanPelt is the son Tory VanPelt and Lisa and Wayne Stoebner. He was born on May 27, 2003. While in high school, Logan was involved in four years football, four years basketball, four years track, three years baseball, two years choir, two years band, one act play three years, and three act plays two years. Logan plans to attend Mitchell Tech, to study electric maintenance and construction. He choose Mitchell Tech because he liked the campus and they had everything he is looking for in a college. After high school, Logan is going to be working as an electrician right after he graduates and then attending Mitchell Tech in the fall. 

            There are a lot of favorites during your high school years, like favorite teacher, favorite memory, and favorite subject. When asked who is your favorite teacher, Logan said, “I don’t pick favorites”. He’s favorite memory was winning his last football game against Avon. His favorite subject is history because he likes learning about things that have happened in the past. One thing Logan learned in high school was to not procrastinate because it never ends well. The hardest assignment he had in high school was writing an eight page paper because eventually you just run out of things to write about. Logan likes to play sports, fish, hunt and hangout with friends. Logan’s advice to the under classman is “Have lots of fun. Opportunities like this only come once in a lifetime so have fun and make some memories that you will never forget”. When asked where he sees himself in ten years Logan replied, “Working, maybe have a family and have my own house”. Logan is ready to graduate and start college.