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Senior Spotlight: Aletheia Underhile

By: Eva Bacon

            Aletheia M. Underhile, avid listener of heavy metal, esports enthusiast, and graduate of the 2021 Senior class of Tripp-Delmont School District. She was born on October 10, 2003, to Andy and Nhora Underhile in Marikina City, Philippines, and moved to Tripp, South Dakota in 2020 from Chicago, Illinois. During her years in high school, Aletheia’s favorite subjects were math and psychology, and ideally, she would like to study either of the two subjects, the arts, or language and linguistics. She wasn’t involved in much outside of studying, however, she was one of the vocalists in a music group when she was a Sophomore. In that same year, Aletheia was given what she considers to be her hardest assignment: to write, memorize, and present a final, impactful speech in her Speech class. What she’s learned is to “never ever procrastinate.”

            As to who her favorite teacher was in her school years, Aletheia says, “I’ve been blessed to have great teachers all the time. Not one ever stuck out to me as ‘not good.’ They’ve all been amazing teachers who have devoted a lot of time and effort to their work.” In regards to her favorite high school memory: “Hasn’t happened yet - but presumably it’ll be my actual high school graduation,” stating that she’s looking forward to the occasion. “It is what I have been working towards all these years.” One person she says impacted her life was her sister, who “helped me through many hardships and was my motivation to keep growing as a person so I could be a better older sister.”

            In her free-time, Aletheia enjoys drawing, studying, researching, reading, playing video games, listening to music, learning new, random things, always keeping up-to-date with what the Mafia has been doing, learning about mysteries and crimes, sleeping, and spending time with her family. In ten years, she sees herself “probably in another country exploring, hopefully by then a good artist, and maybe being a psychologist or mathematician.” Her highest priority once she graduates is to enter college. When asked what made her decide on her career of choice, Aletheia said, “I am interested in psychology like I have said before, and it also requires math skills, which I would enjoy. I can learn new languages and increase my vocabulary along with it, too. And I could easily throw in a little art as a side here and there. I think it could work well for me.”

            As a final piece of advice to the underclassmen who will come after her, Aletheia says, “Go to school for what it’s for: to study and learn how to grow as a person. Take time to realize how important this stage of your life is. Be respectful; you’ll be embarrassed at how disrespectful you may have been as a child and don’t want to take those regrets with you. And finally, appreciate your childhood. So many take that short time for granted.”