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Senior Spotlight: Mason Schoenfelder

By: Jaden VanPelt

            Mason Carl Schoenfelder is the son of Lynn and Tammy Schoenfelder. He was born April 12, 2003. After high school Mason plans on attending Mitchell technical college in the Wifi Broadband program. He choose Mitchell Tech because it was the only school that has WIFI Broadband, and it’s close to home. When asked what made you choose your particular career choice, he explained, “my local telecommunication company.” He said, “I have just always liked watching them do their job and I want to keep doing that.”  He is originally from Tripp SD. In high school Mason was involved in basketball, football, and golf.

            If Schoenfelder were to give advise to under classmen it would be “get your homework done instead of lacking on it. It is better to do your homework instead of waiting.”  When asked what was the funniest thing that happened to you in high school, he said, “Just having fun with teachers and messing around with my friends.” When asked what was the hardest assignment, Schoenfelder said, “There has not been really a hard assignment but if I had to choose a subject it would be math. I am just not good at math at all.” Mason said his favorite teachers are Mrs. Moege the History and geography teacher, Mr. Lau the P.E and health teacher, Ms. Huebner the former 1st grade teacher, and Coreen Friederich the custodian. Schoenfelder’s favorite memory in high school was hanging out with his friends and joking around with the teachers. Mason’s favorite subject is any class without homework. When asked what was something he learned in high school that would stick with him for the rest of his life he said “Treat others the way you want to be treated. Be nice to everyone you don’t know how they are doing at home.” Schoenfelder said his favorite hobby is hanging with friends. Mason was asked what is something nobody knows about him and he said he doesn’t keep anything from anyone.

            Mason sees himself in ten years starting a family and not having to be worrying about money issues. Schoenfelder says he is looking forward to graduating high school because he is ready to start a new chapter of his life but also isn't ready because he will miss having it easy like it is in high school. When asked who has affected his life, Mason answered “Everybody that has entered my life and made it better and not all the people who hate.”