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Senior Spotlight: Kaya Rohr

By: Eva Bacon

            Kaya Amber Rohr, born on July 2, 2004 to Tina Louise Rohr and Robert Allen Rohr, is just one of the nine Seniors graduating this 2021from Tripp-Delmont School District. In her high school years and after her move from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Tripp, South Dakota, Kaya took part in two years of chorus, and her most difficult assignment was the research paper assigned in English class.

            Meeting her classmates was her favorite memory during this stage in her life, but as for her funniest, Kaya says, “Freshman year prom, I was in online school and we actually met up for prom. It was funny because no one knew each other and we all just started dancing together,” and while math was her favorite subject as it came easy to her, Ms. McKittrick was her favorite teacher because “she helps us when we need it and she is super nice.”

            In her free time, Kaya enjoys heading out on her bike or spending time coloring. After she graduates, she plans to take a one-year break before studying human services at Mitchell Tech, the college of her choice as she’ll be able to live at home while attending the 2-year institute. Once she has her degree, she hopes to be able to work with and help people who are in need. When asked if she was looking forward to her actual graduation, Kaya stated that “Yes, because I can finally leave school for a while.” In ten years, she sees herself taking care of her mother, the person who impacted her life and taught how to be independent.

            As a final note to her fellow underclassmen, Kaya’s advice is to “do your work on time and try to get good grades.”