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Senior Spotlight: Hannah Prince

By: Starr Kocourek

            Hannah Rena Prince is the daughter of Kasey Hinkle. She was born on September 30, 2002. Hannah wasn’t super involved in high school activities, but while in high school, Hannah was involved in cheerleading, volleyball, and soccer at her old school. She currently has no plans or interest in going to college. Hannah’s plan on after high school is to work, save up money, and get an apartment.

            There are always favorites in high school. Some of Hannah’s favorites in high school are her favorite teacher, Ms. Melody McKittrick. Ms. McKittrick is her favorite teacher because, “she is funny and understanding of the homework and how we feel about assignments,” as Hannah stated. Hannah doesn’t really have a favorite high school memory, but her favorite subject is English because “it’s fun and easy to learn.” Some of Hannah’s favorite hobbies are drawing, reading, shopping, and spending some time with her boyfriend. 

            There are certain things that some people remember in high school and remember for the rest of their life. One certain thing that will stay with Hannah is “People come and go all the time. You either keep them or learn lessons from them.” Not everybody knows everything about everyone but something that no one knows about Hannah is that she loves shopping. 

            There is always someone to look up to and be impacted by. Hannah was impacted by Austin Poppema. “Austin has impacted my life because ever since I met him, I have learned a lot of life skills and I have grown as a person. He has helped me see that I am capable of having a nice life without people who are toxic and only try to bring me down. Also I have learned that I do not need to please everyone because as long as I am happy with the choices I make in life, then that’s all that matters because it’s my life and I am free to choose how I want to live and who I want to be.”

            People have future plans and Hannah’s future plan in the next 10 years would be in an apartment with her boyfriend and their pet living happily.