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Senior Spotlight: Austin Poppema

By: Raevin Castle

            Austin Jon Poppema is the son of Tasha and Mike Mahoney. He was born on May 14, 2002. He is originally from Canton, South Dakota. He does not currently have a plan to attend college, but would like to study accounting because he likes numbers. His other option is therapy because he enjoys listening and helping people with certain issues. His current plans after high school are to be steady and stable with a decent job and try and be successful. 

            Austin recalls the English Research Paper to be the most difficult assignment he’s ever done. His explanation was it is time consuming and can be hard to try and write 6 pages about a topic and make it appealing. Austin’s favorite teachers were Mrs. Moege and Mr. Lau. Mrs. Moege was one of his favorite teachers because she was “the chillest, nicest female teacher”. Mr. Lau was also one of his favorite teachers because “he’s just a cool dude”. Austin’s favorite high school memory was prom and so many people having fun and being kind. His favorite subject was Government because it was the most balanced class, had chill days but enough work that it was not overbearing. 

            Some of Austin’s favorite hobbies are video games, listening to music, and driving. He also likes to read but only books that catch his eye. In 10 years, Austin sees himself in a stable place with his girlfriend, making it through life, and maybe in a house of their own. He is looking forward to graduating high school because he will be out of school and can begin working for his future. 

            His advice to underclassmen is “Don’t procrastinate at all, those games can wait, they will not give you the grades you need”. Austin chose his step dad as someone who impacted his life. He said he is a great father and role model, he is also a very hard worker and a big influence in Austin’s life. One thing Austin learned in high school that will stay with him for the rest of his life is that school is boring but needed. “You can’t make it off of someone else’s money, if you want to be wealthy, go through school and hopefully college to get into a good workforce.