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Senior Spotlight: Emily Brock

By: Morgan Gemar

            Emily Lynn Brock is the daughter of Adam and Katy Brock. She is from Delmont, South Dakota. She was born March 3, 2003. While in high school, Emily was involved in the National Honor Society, Choir, and trap team. After high school, Emily plans on attending Mitchell Technical College, and going for nursing. She chose this career because she likes to help people and has always wanted to be in the medical field. She said she chose this college because they are a really good school and have a really good nursing program.

            Emily is looking forward to graduation, because she is ready to get to the next phase of her life. One thing that Emily has learned during high school is, not to worry too much about the future until you are there, but to live in the present. One thing that many people don’t know about Emily is that she likes to eat tuna with mandarin oranges. Her favorite hobbies are shooting, spending time outside and being with her friends.

            Everyone has someone that they look up to and someone that has impacted them. Emily said her dad has impacted her life the most. She said, “He always has done what is best for me, and has made sure to teach me everything he can. I know he loves me more than anything.”

            Emily’s favorite subject is science because she is very interested in things that have to do with anatomy and biology. She said that one of her favorite teachers is Mrs. Amy Brown because she teaches very well and she thinks her classes are the most useful for students in the long run. She always helps her when she is struggling with an assignment, and tries to explain things in a way that she will understand. She also said that the most difficult assignment she had to do was the research paper.

            Some advice she left for underclassmen is “Try your best to get good grades and be nice to other people. You never know what other people are going through in their personal life. Also try to figure out where you want to go to college at the beginning of your senior year.” In ten years, Emily hopes to see herself married, a nurse, and maybe have a kid.