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 Wednesday     April 2, 2014      144
Weather:                  Rain, snow showers, High of 40     Sunrise:  7:12     Sunset: 8:00
Word of the Day:     sallow \SAL-oh\ adjective

                                  : of a greayish greenish yellow color suggesting sickness
Famous Birthdays:  Marvin Gaye, Emmy Lou Harris,  Maddison Stirling
Activities:                  PK - 5 Spring Concert 7:00 p.m.
Lower ICU:               Mogck, Myer
Upper ICU:               Hopkins, Sattler


1.     Students that will be 14 years of age by Sept. 1st this year may wish to sign up for

        the summer Driver Education program.  The program will be taught by Mr. Preheim,

        the high school principal from Armour.  The class will begin on June 2nd and you must

        attend all five full days of class to complete the course.  The cost of the course is $ 125

        for students enrolled at Tripp-Delmont and $ 200 for out-of-district students if room is 

        available.  A sign up sheet is in the upstairs study hall.  Parents of students that sign up

        will receive a letter with additional information in early May. 


2.     I want to thank the eight students that traveled to the Scotland Quiz Bowl yesterday to

        represent our school.  While we did not win the tournament, it was a good experience

        with many tough, competitive questions.  We did find out that the kind of acid made by

        ants is formic acid although one of our teams nearly got bonus points for suggesting that

        the answer would be ant acid.


3.     Microsoft, a leader in technology software and hardware is hosting a free workshop for

        young women that would have an interest in the career field of technology.  While the

        workshop is free, unfortunately it is being held in Fargo, ND June 10th - 12th.  It is open

        to girls that are in grades 7 - 10 this year.  If you would like additional information about

        the Fargo DigiGirlz Workshop, stop by to see Mr. Vlasman.


4.     The weather report for tomorrow evening indicates that we could be facing blizzard

         conditions with heavy snow and 30 - 40 mph winds.  We will postpone tomorrow''s

         K-5 spring concert one week and that concert will now be held on Thursday, April 10th.


Breakfast for Thursday:    Waffles
Lunch for Today:               Pizza Sticks


Tuesday      April 1, 2014     143
Weather                  Cloudy, High of 42     Sunrise:  7:14     Sunset:  7:58

Word of the Day:    malversation \mal-ver-SAY-shun\ noun

                                 1: misbehavior and especially corruption in an office or trust

                                 2: corrupt administration
Famous Birthdays:  Randy Orton, Asa Butterfield, Reno McKinney,
Lower ICU:           Holzbauer, Hubner
Upper ICU:            Finck, Fousek


1.     Sophomores and Juniors:  If you parents get their electricity from Bon Homme

        Yankton Electric, you are eligible to register for the 3 day 2014 Youth Excursion.

        Three students from this area will be randomly chosen to attend at no cost. 

        Activities include a tour of a power plant, a gasification plant, a tour of a coal mine,

        a dance, and a Missouri River cruise.  Stop by the school office if you would like a

        registration form.


2.     Teachers, students and parents:  We have received notice that Infinite Campus will

        be shut down this coming weekend for routine maitnenance, so you will not be able to

        access the site on Saturday or Sunday.


3.     A reminder to our Quiz Bowl students, you are to leave with Mr. Vlasman at 4:00 this

        afternoon to travel to Scotland.  Pizza and pop will be served at the mid-point of the

        tournament at no charge to the participating students.


4.      A Black and blue Nighthawk bag has been lost-last left in the Study Hall.  A wooden/bead

         necklace has been turned in to the office.  


5.     We want to remind students that there are guidelines for appropriate use of the school's

        computer network and that there are consequences for violating those guidelines.  Students

        are not to log on to the network using any account other than there own, students are not

        to access, change or delete files other than their own, and students are not to try to

        work around the firewall to access inappropriate websites.  Violations begin with in-school

        suspension and a loss of network privileges for two weeks.



Breakfast for Wednesday:    Biscuit & Gravy
Lunch for Today:                   Frog Legs, Turtle Soup


Monday      March 31, 2014     142
Weather:                 Windy, rain & snow showers in the afternoon changing to snow tonight 

                               Sunrise:  7:16     Sunset: 7:57
Word of the Day:     simpatico      \sim-PAH-tih-koh\      adjective

                                  1: agreeable, likeable

                                  2: being on the same wavelength; congenial
Famous Birthdays:  Christopher Walken, Al Gore, Jacey Friman


1.     Jr. High boys' basketball players are reminded to get their uniforms cleaned and

        turned in to coach Gmear as soon as possible.


2.     Today we welcome Victoria Scott back to TDHS and a new student, Carrie Jeffrey

        to TDHS. 


3.     Congratulations to the SDSU women's basketball team on advancing to the final four

        of the Women's National Invitational Tournament. 


4.     Any sophomore boy or girl that would be interested in attending the Hugh O'Brien

        Youth Leadership Conference in June should contact Mr. Vlasman.  Our school was

        represented by Payton Schafers last year and this is a great conference where the

        registration fee and expenses have been covered by First State Bank for one



5.     Tripp-Delmont track students will practice here in Tripp today.  Jr. High students will not

        begin today, but will start practice tomorrow, weather permitting.


Breakfast for Tuesday:      Frog Legs, Turtle Soup
Lunch for Today:                Chicken