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  • Tuesday      May 13, 2014     171
    Weather:                 Partly Cloudy, High of 66     Sunrise: 6:10     Sunset: 8:47
    Word of the Day:     svelte     \SVELT\     adjective

                                    1 a : slender, lithe   b; having even and smooth lines ; sleek

                                    2: urbane, suave
    Famous Birthdays: Stevie Wonder, Darius Rucker
    Activities:                 Ft. Randall Conference Track Meet (Avon)
    Lower ICU:              Meyer, Reiser
    Upper ICU:              Sattler, A. Schneider


    1.     Good luck to the TDA Nighthawks as they compete in the Ft. Randall Conference
            Track Meet today.  This is a track meet for high school and jr. high track students.
            Students will leave at 11:45.


    2.     A purse was left in the gym on Saturday night after the play.  It has a tribal pattern and 

            backpack straps.  If you find it, please turn it in to the school office and it will be returned

            to the owner.  


    3.     All students with library books checked out are reminded that all books need to be returned

            to the library no later than Wednesday, May 21st.  


    4.     Yearbook orders need to be turned in to Mr. Freier by this Friday.  Order forms can be

            picked up in the upstairs study hall.  The cost is $ 35 per yearbook and you can have 

            them personalized for an additional $ 5.00. 


    5.     Music pictures will be taken on Thursday.  This includes the high school band and chorus

            as well as the 7th/8th grade chorus.


    Breakfast for Wednesday:        Sausage
    Lunch for Today:                       Teriyaki Chicken


    Monday     May 12, 2014     170
    Weather:                Showers, High of 57     Sunrise: 6:11     Sunset: 8:46
    Word of the Day:     truckle     \TRUK-ul\    

                                   : to act in a subservient manner, submit

    Famous Birthdays:  Tony Hawk, Florence Nightingale, Shawn Goehring, Cole Neugebauer
    Activities:                  Board of Ed. Mtg. 6:30 p.m.


    1.     Good luck to our track students as they participate in the Ft. Radall Conference

            Track meet tomorrow.  Track students are to leave at 11:45 with Coach Dozark.

            There is no track practice this afternoon.


    2.     Congratulations to the cast of the All School Play and Mrs. Hopkins on their performances

            on Friday and Saturday night.  The play was very entertaining and well received by the 

            audiences on both nights.   


    3.     We extend our sympathy to Mrs. Hopkins and her family on the passing of her brother over

            the weekend.  The thoughts and prayers of our staff and students are with you during this

            time of loss.


    4.     We extend our best wishes to Giga as he finishes his last day with us as a Tripp-Delmont

            Nighthawk.  We have enjoyed having you here as a member of the student body and wish

            you safe travel and all the best as you return home to Georgia.


    5.     Teachers are reminded that our Academic Awards presentation is this Thursday night.  Please

            work with the office and Mrs. Fousek to make sure that you have any needed certificates or

            pins ready to go for that night.


    6.     All staff members participating in the school district health insurance plan are to attend a

            meeting in the downstairs computer lab at 3:40 today to be updated on changes for the

            2014-15 school year.


    Breakfast for Tuesday:     Biscuits & Gravy
    Lunch for Today:               Sloppy Joes


    Wednesday     May 7, 2014      167
    Weather:                 Scattered T-storms, High of 70    Sunrise: 6:17     Sunset: 8:40
    Word of the Day:    oblige     \uh-BLYJE\    

                                    1: to constrain by physical, moral, or legal force or by the exigencies of


                                    2:  a: to earn the gratitude of   b: to do a favor for or do something as a favor
    Famous Birthdays:   Alex Smith, Eva Peron, Happy summer birthday to Guimaraes Olson
    Lower ICU:               Heinz, Holzbauer
    Upper ICU:                Cahoy, Finck


    1.     Good luck to our Jr. High track students as they compete tomorrow at the Corsica-Stickney

            invitational.  Jr. High track students are scheduled to depart at 12:45 for the track meet 

            dependent upon weather. 


    2.     Available teachers in grades 6 - 12 are asked to meet at 3:35 in Mr. Vlasman's office tomorrow

            afternoon to review scheduling for semester tests. 




    Breakfast for Thursday:    Muffins
    Lunch for Today:               Stromboli


    Tuesday      May 6, 2014    166
    Weather:                 Mostly cloudy, High of 69     Sunrise: 6:18     Sunset: 8:39
    Word of the Day:    lodestar     \LOHD-stahr\    

                                   : one that serves as an inspiration,model, or guide
    Famous Birthdays: George Clooney, Chris Paul, Sigmund Freud
    Activities:                 Lower Missouri Valley Conference Track Meet
    Lower ICU:              M. Gemar, Harrington
    Upper ICU:              Voss, Brown


    1.     Good luck to the TDA Nighthawks as they compete in the LMV
            Conference Track Meet today.  Track students will leave for Avon
            at 2:00 this afternoon with Coach Dozark.


    2.     All seniors and 8th grade students are to make plans to be here the last

            period of the day on Friday for graduation rehearsal.  Seniors should make

            arrangements with Mrs. Fousek to get a group picture in your caps and

            gowns for the graduation program.


    3.     A meeting is scheduled for Thursday afternoon for those boys that will be in

            high school next year that plan to go out for basketball.  Boys that were on the

            team this year or that plan to go out next year are to be dismissed at 3:00 to

            leave with Coach Semmler to go to Armour.  You should return around 4:30.

            If you were out for basketball this year and still have your jersey, you are to

            bring it to the meeting and turn it in to Coach Holbeck.


    Breakfast for Wednesday:    Breakfast Cookie
    Lunch for Today:                   Chicken Nuggets


    Monday     May 5, 2014     165
    Weather:                  Partly cloudy, High of 70,     Sunrise: 6:20     Sunset: 8:38
    Word of the Day:     utopia     \yoo-TOH-pee-uh\    

                                     : an imparactical schme for social improvement
    Famous Birthdays:   Adele, Karl Marx
    Activities:                 Wagner Jr. High Track Meet


    1.     Good luck to the TDA Jr. High track team members as they compete in
            the Wagner Jr. High Invitational Track Meet.  Jr. High track students are
            to be dismissed at 2:00.


    2.     Congratulations to our students, Mrs. Finck and Mr. Schneider on a successful

            elementary music contest this last Friday.  We also wish to thank the parents involved

            in music boosters for all their work serving lunch and supporting the music department.

            We would also like to recognize the following studetns that took the initiative and pride

            in our school to clean up garbage that had been left on our playground after the music

            contest was wrapping up.  Those students were Joplin Johnson, Morgan Gemar, Dakota

            Kertiss, Lacey Goeken, Christy Schmidt and Mandy Oleson. 


    3.     Good luck to our varsity golf team members as they participate in the pre-region tournament

            in Mitchell today as a preparation for the Regional tournament this Friday.


    4.     An informational program on hosting foreigh exchange students will be held at 7:00 p.m. on

            Wednesday night.  This meeting is open to parents and community members that might want to

            consider hosting an exchange student next year or in coming years.  Tripp-Delmont had two

            foreign exchange students this year and it has been a great experience for our students and



    5.     Teener baseball practice will be held at 6:00 p.m. tonight.  Coach Gemar encourages all students

            that are interested to show up as the numbers are right at the point needed to field a team.  One

            or two players can make the difference in terms of having or not having a team.  If you would like

            to play, but can't make the practice tonight, stop by and visit with Coach Gemar just to let him know

            that you would like to participate.


    6.     Congratulations to the Junior class members on doing a great job decoarating and organizing prom

            this  year.  Thank you to our teachers that provided supervision during the dance and to our parents

            that were involved in hosting the after prom party this year. 


    Breakfast for Tuesday:    Omelets
    Lunch for Today:              Fajitas or Tacos